Motion Graphics

You or your business at some point will need motion graphics. Maybe for a campaign or to represent your brand and increase brand awareness. First impressions are everything and can be the deciding factor between meeting or missing your KPI’s. You want to look professional and give a potential customer an insight into you or your brand.  Simply tell us about what you are trying to achieve and we will do the rest of the work, making sure you stand out from your competition.

Our Work

Below some of our favourite motion graphics work is showcased. If you like what you see contact us and get a quote today.

Clean 2D Logo Intro

This is a 2D intro made for SU7 Media using our logo. We decided to use the blue colour for the wipe as that is one of our brand colours. We chose to keep it short and simple to make it look professional, while still grabbing the attention of a potential customer. This can be used on social media to grow brand awareness and also used at the start of videos. An intro can provide a lasting impression, making your brand memorable and increasing audience retention.

2D Text Intro

This 2D text intro is a great alternative to the logo intro. By having a text intro you can include your brand name and even your motto. The intro is made to flow well so it is visually appealing. A minimalist approach is used for this to make sure that the focus is on the text to convey the message of the intro without any distractions.

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