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What Is Just Video Editing?

We realised that a lot of new Youtubers have the ability to record great videos, but they do not have the software to edit their videos. This is because editing software can cost a lot and when you are starting out, there is a good chance your budget is low. Although the problem is understandable, to any new viewer watching your videos, if they are not edited it well, they will probably click off. We think this is unfair, because you could have the best content, but without your videos been edited well, you have less chance of blowing up. Which is why we created Just Video Editing, a cheap video editing service for creators on a budget. Below you can learn about the different video editing packages we offer.

Just Montages

For YouTubers, more specifically gaming YouTubers, montages are a great opportunity to show off your best highlights on a game. The edit makes it more enjoyable for the viewer to watch. Many creators do not have an editor to even trim their clips. As a result, their montages can quickly become boring to anyone watching. We offer Just Montages which allows you to produce enjoyable content without breaking the bank! For your money we will use a song of your choice, trim your clips and add basic transitions between your clips with minimal effects. All of this will only cost you £0.25 per clip plus a service charge of £3. For such a low price, you can’t go wrong and our simple edit can be the difference between you keeping or losing a viewer.

Just Vlogs

Vlogging has been popular on YouTube for a while now but it still continues to pull in millions of viewers every day. If you are a new vlogger the last thing you need is a slow-paced vlog because you can’t trim the clips you’ve recorded. Humans have a low attention span, meaning your vlogs needs to be action-packed. If it’s not people will click off your video. We offer just vlogs for only £0.50 per minute of finished footage with a service charge of £3. That means you can have a 10-minute vlog for just £8! We recognise that vloggers may have multiple videos a week. Which is why we have a special offer of buy 2 and get the 3rd half price (Maximum 10 minutes long).

Just Commentary

As a YouTuber, you will know that when you record a video you make a lot of mistakes. Which is why Just Commentary offer videos for only £0.50 per minute of finished footage in addition to a £3 service charge. For your money, we will combine your audio and footage together, making sure it is in sync. We will cut out all the mistakes and long silences in your video. This will make your video shorter and more enjoyable for your fans. We will also add in background music and if you have a face cam, we will add it on to your footage for no extra charge. Better still for no extra cost, you can send us over any images you want included in the video at certain points and we will include them.

Our Just Video Editing service is made to help new YouTubers succeed without breaking the bank. We also offer cheap graphic design as part of our Just Graphics service. If you are interested in cheap video editing or have any questions, please contact us today.

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