How To Rank A New Website Number 1 On Google (Case Study)

How to rank a new website number one on Google


You have just started a website; to get organic clicks you need to have content that ranks well on search engines. More specifically, Google, as this is the leading search engine accounting for over 90% of searches. The hardest part is ranking for search terms related to your website; however, once you rank for just one search term you can generate a steady flow of organic traffic. The best place to be to attract the maximum amount of clicks is position 1. Obtaining position 1 is very hard as every website marketer is aiming for that position. With that being said, there is one trick which can make the magical number one position achievable for you, regardless of your link profile or how new your website is. The trick makes complete sense and all it takes a little thought, read on to learn about how I have used this method to rank number 1. 

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Do I Need SEO To Have A Successful Website In 2020?

Do I need SEO in 2020?

Do I Need SEO To Have A Successful Website?

If you run or own a website, I’m sure you will have heard the term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how important it is. But, do you really need SEO for your website? In some cases, it might not be worth investing in SEO. This blog will give you all the information you need to decide if it is worth investing in SEO for your website.

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Are Social Media Giveaways Replacing Social Media Ads?

Are social media giveaways replacing social media ads

Social Media Giveaways

If you have been on social media recently, especially Twitter, you will have noticed the surge in giveaways. The rise of people like DNP3 & Pulte have influenced this heavily. They have both grown from giving away money via social media. The process is usually that as long as you Retweet and follow the host of the giveaway you are entered into the giveaway. Over time this has become more common place with everyone wanting to gain thousands of followers. With this, many people have taken advantage and decided to host fake giveaways, however that is a different matter. 

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After Effects Tutorial: How To Make Cinematic Black Bars

How to make cinematic black bars in After Effects

What Are Cinematic Black Bars?

You might have seen them on a YouTube video or maybe on a film. It is what it says, they are the black bars that you see at the bottom and top of the video. The black bars that you see on YouTube are probably different to the black bars you see on a film. The reason being that when you see them in a film it is a different effect called letterboxing.

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