Adobe After Effects vs Adobe Premiere Pro, What’s The Difference?

After Effects vs Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, which one should I use? This is a question many new editors get confused by. Consequently, they are not sure why Adobe have two different video editing applications and which one to use. To put it short they don’t have two video editing applications because After Effects is actually not a video editor. After Effects is a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software, on the other hand Premiere Pro is a video editing software. In this post I will take you through when to use each software and outline the difference between After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Starting with the software designed for video editing. Whether that is a music video, an interview with bRoll, film or any other video you can think of, Premiere is the best for editing cutting up and rearranging the footage. Alongside this, Premiere Pro gives you the tools to create titles, edit audio and even add effects. Premiere Pro also has real-time playback which means that there is no frame loss when you watch it back within the software. As well as this, the timeline is a lot easier to use than the timeline in After Effects. By this I mean it is a lot easier to split a clip and move it about.

So, you might be wondering why would I ever use After Effects? As mentioned above, After Effects is a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software. But what exactly does that mean? It means that you can do a lot, including animation, titles and can even be used for compositing 3D rendered footage. Compositing is when you have multiple components that make up your video and they can all be composited in one scene. For example, a green screen, smoke elements, particles and anything else you can think of all in one scene, this would be very hard to do within a video editing software.

In Conclusion

Both apps have their pros and cons, but each project might require either or both software’s.  If you are just wanting to cut up the video and not much else, then by all means just use Premiere Pro. However, if you want to do a more complex project, I would recommend doing the initial video editing in Premiere Pro and then using After Effects. This is made even easier by adobe dynamic link that allows you to switch between the 2 without exporting the project. Although Premiere Pro is limited to what you can do, After Effects is limitless and you can create literally anything! That comes with a price though because it is a lot harder to learn and comes with a less user-friendly interface. Also, to note After Effects has hundreds of built in plugins that can help you with your creations. 

Hopefully you learnt something new from this short blog. Comment down below if there is any differences between the applications that you think should have been mentioned. 

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